6 Steps to Complete Your Thesis Writing

All paper you write down should have a major point, a main idea. The argument you create in your paper be supposed to reflect this major idea. The sentence that detains your position on this major idea is what we call a thesis statement.

A Thesis Statement is whole sentences that have one major idea. These ideas control the satisfied of the complete essay. Thesis statements that have sub points also help a reader recognise how the essay will be prepared. Seem at the introductory paragraph on the next slide. See if you can recognise the thesis statement and sub points.

The reason of a thesis statement is to notify readers of:

  • The subject of your paper.
  • Your claim (or opinion) of the topic.

6 steps of thesis statement

Pick a topic

To write a successful thesis statement, you first require a topic for your paper.

Be specific

  • World hunger has various causes and effects : This is the weak thesis statement for two main reasons.
  • The topic to a more specific and controllable topic, and it also identify the specific causes for the survival of hunger.

Be arguable

  • The thesis must declare an argument that might be disputed.
  • Though, you as the writer will show your argument during rational behind sub points and supporting proof.

Create a mini-outline

An essential thesis statement will give readers with a plain outline of your paper. This thesis statement seem to get together all of the necessities. It contains a topic and present your opinion. It is exact and debatable, and it makes a mini-outline for your paper.

Choose your words wisely

It consists of the topic and your opinion.  It is clear, specific, arguable, and present readers with a mini-outline of your paper.  And, it is now worded successfully.

Revise & Draft

  • Revise and redraft the thesis as a lot of times as required to attain satisfaction.
  • Commonly refer back to the unique prompt to be sure that you are reacting to all of the requirements. You might find that after you have write the body paragraphs, your paper has in use a different way than you at first started out with.




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