Research Paper Writing Process Steps

A research paper is extended essays that present your own understanding. In fact, this show is intended to help you find the way the research expedition, during initial a research question and thesis, undertaking the research, writing the paper, and right document your sources. It is the hardest part of the essay writing.


Decide a topic which good and challenge you. Your approach towards the topic can well decide the amount of effort and interest you put into your research.


As listed as a singular step here, research is really a fluid process that crosses several steps of writing a research paper. You will be doing initial research to find your topic and thesis.


A thesis statement is a major idea, a middle point of your research paper. The arguments you give in your paper must be base on this central idea, it is so important. Do some significant thoughts and write down your thesis statement down in one sentence. Your research paper thesis is a declaration of your belief. The major part of your essay will consist of arguments to maintain and protect this belief.


Making an outline is the method of organizing your opinion. Doing so will make it easy to write down your paper. You’ll be able to recognize areas that require more research or thought – and make that adjustment by writing your paper

Steps to creating an outline

  • Arrange your notes and research to group like material collectively.
  • Reconsider your thesis statement
  • Recognize the major points of your arguments that maintain your thesis.
  • Recognize the ideas that maintain your main points.
  • Contest your research to your points.
  • Order your ideas in a logical flow.


Now that you contain your thesis, research and summarize complete, it is time to write down your first draft of your paper. It must consist of three major sections:

  • Introduction

This is the starting paragraph of the research paper. Present the reason for your paper, comprise your thesis, and connect your readers’ significance in your topic.

  • Body

This is the largest part of your paper. The body follows the major points you have listed in our outline and include the opinion and proof that support your thesis

  • Conclusion

The conclusion reiterates your main argument without just repeating what you said previously in your paper, and tie mutually your points.


Following you have revised your initial drafts, you must make a final draft. This draft must have very few errors, have a clear organization, and be format correctly.


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