Strategies for Writing a Good English Essay

A strategy for writing an essay giving is mainly expected at Languages and Literature instructor who educate starting level writing courses. Writing a good English essay is a significant skill for college students, and there is different approach to education solid essay writing. Between the topics enclosed in this giving are development of crucial thinking skills, order and series of types of essays skilled, and student performance that improve comprehension and preservation of works of skilled essay writing.

Choice of topic

Choice of topic must be clearly base on your holistic kind of the subject substance. So decide a topic with which you are mainly comfortable.

Understanding of the essay topic

Do not be in a speed to write an essay. a lot of people see the broader title and start writing the essay with no even understanding the subject of the topic.


Following selection of the topic we require to brainstorm to get fodder material that we can write down in the essay. There are different things and different ways to brainstorm.

Structuring the essay

Information is one thing but how to situate that information in a prearranged and regular way is very important.


Language & Presentation: write down in easy language. No need of elaborate expressions. Stay small sentences and small paragraphs

Focus of essay: during the essay the theme must be reflect and flow must be maintain from beginning to end. Each paragraph must link to the other .Also do not focus only on cover lot of size in the essay. More than knowledge essay must reproduce your vision and ideas.

Introduction: Your Introduction must obviously give up what the essay will need, giving a short idea to the reader.

Body: This part is all on analysis. Here three things are Important.

1.)  If the topic is unsettled you require discussing both sides. If not then it will be simple

2.) In any case you will have convinced line of arguments to put your case.

3.) Give details each of them during some examples.

Conclusion: In conclusion focus on three things

1.) Summarise the topic

2.) Put your concluding stand


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