Argumentative Essay Writing Format

The argument essay uses logic and reason to illustrate that one idea is more valid than another. It attempts to convince a reader to accept a sure point of view or to take an exacting action. The argument essay writing has to forever use sound analysis and solid proof by state facts, give logical reasons, with examples, and quote experts.


Introduce the problem and provide background information essential for the argument and the thesis statement. Start with topic sentences that are attractive sufficient to catch the reader’s attention. The introduction ends with a thesis statement, asserting sentences that express the writer’s view on the topic of the essay.

Argument essay contains three types, there are;

  • Start With a Hook

Start your introduction with a sentence that obtains the reader interested in the topic. To annoy the reader’s interest, you can start with a quotation, an individual story, a surprising statistic or an interesting question.

  • Include Background

Provide a reader with background on the topic allocate them to improved understand the issue individual presented. This information provides background and history that can be vital to explanation and be arguing your point.

  • State Your Thesis

The thesis is the concentrate of an argumentative essay. In a single, clear sentence, it sums up what point you are annoying to make. The thesis statement must declare a position on an exacting issue — one that a reader can potentially dispute against.


The second, third and fourth paragraphs make the body of the essay. All of the paragraphs have to start with a changed term (first, second to continue, in conclusion, etc) next to an argument that supports the thesis statement. The topic sentences should be supported with evidence. Contains the reasons for the writer’s claims and each reason is supported by particulars or materials (e.g.: examples, statistics, personal experiences, quotations).


This is the fifth paragraph; it begins with a changed term (to review, to conclude, in summary, in conclusion, etc) and an outline in which the thesis and three arguments are re started. Restates the main claim (establish in the introduction and body) and give one or two statement which reviews the argument.

The essay ends a clincher – a method used to support the reader to think about the essay.


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