Cause and Effect Essay Writing Outline

When writing cause and effect essays which usually require the author to show a situation in which one or more actions or proceedings finally cause or caused sure effects to occur, the student must create and follow an outline.

Causes of Success: carefulness; talent or intelligence; high level of education; networking and making good, bright choices in life.

Effects of Success: Wealth and a latent increase in one’s excellence of life; contentment and completion

Essay Writing Outline


The first paragraphs of the essay introduce the subject and inform the reader what the paper is basically about (5-7 sentences):

  • Topic Sentence – the reason of the topic sentence is to just introduce the topic or subject individual examined.
  • Write your thesis statement: a thesis statement tell the main idea of the paper and is typically placed in the introduction. A thesis for a cause and effect paper must name the causes and effects that the writer will be talk about in the paper.
  • choose the two best reasons from your brainstorming activity
  • Consider to start your paragraphs with different transition words for show causes and their order of significance. Keep your most important cause for last


This section of the essay, the student will show how carefulness causes success and show the effects of success on the individual – finally explanation at length their Thesis Statement from the first paragraph.

  • topic sentences that maintain the thesis statement
  • Contain main ideas that maintain topic sentences
  • Contain details / examples that maintain main ideas


In this section, the student not only summarize the essay – its topic’s causes and effects – but can also help the reader improved understand the context of a term, an event in history, etc., by if a only some other examples of the term’s causes and effects.

  • Restates the thesis statement and summarizes or reproduce on the main points of the essay.

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