Characteristics and Format of Thesis Writing

Each paper you will write has a main point, a main idea. The argument you make in your paper must reflect this major idea. The sentences that capture your position on this main idea are called a thesis writing. Thesis statements focus your ideas into one or two sentence. It must present the topic of your paper and also create a comment about your position in relation to the topic. Your thesis statement must tell your reader what the paper is about and also help guide your writing and keep your argument purposeful.

A thesis writing is vital to writing a strong essay.  A thesis your reader will not know the reason of your writing.

Thesis format


An abstract is a clear and brief overview of the intended thesis. While the abstract is the first of the suggestion, it is best to wait until the very finish to write it. An abstract can be easily created by combine topic sentences from each part of the proposal.


When starting the thesis statement, write your three points/ ideas/ reasons – it depends on the type of punctual known. For analysis essay, you would write your points. After list all three points, summarize the introduction with a review statement.


The topic of the body paragraph is the topic stated in your thesis statement


A good job of explanation your contribution in the abstract and introduction, after that there is really no require for any conclusions. The conclusion must therefore be kept small. It must also not be recurring; do not cut and paste what you write in the abstract or introduction.

Characteristics of Thesis Writing

  • React to the assignment by following instructions.
  • state the main idea in one or two sentences
  • Focus on specific issue.
  • Thesis statement must give a single line of focus.
  • Thesis statement have to set limits on the topic
  • Thesis statement is not the topic or the title or question
  • Speak something meaningful by answering questions: “So what?” “How?” “Why?”
  • Previews the rest of the essay by individual placed in the introduction.
  • Reproduce a quality and point of view appropriate to recognized purpose and audience.
  • manageable; offer a viable reading the text
  • Not clear; offers ‘news’ to critics familiar with the topic; contribute to the body of knowledge
  • demanding; answer an urgent problem or question
  • Suitable for the genre and context in which you write.

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