10 Tips to Improve Your Academic Writing Skill

Academic writing refers to a style of expression that researchers use to describe the intellectual limits of their disciplines and their exact areas of expertise. Writing is a skill is very tough to developing. You can expand this skill be continuously writing.

  • Proofread

Correct your article at least two times. You can detect some stupid mistakes in first look. Second read confirm removal of any big mistake. If achievable read it loud. You can easily remove plenty of mistakes from your post.

  • Draft your post and edit it later

Don’t attempt to strike the publish button as implementation your post. Make it rest within your draft and try to edit it later with latest mind. This habit is useful in finding common mistakes. This will also help you write articles fast.

  • Ask your friend to proofread your post

If you are working in a group then ask previous writer of your team to correct your post. It will certify an error free post.

  • No repetition

It can ease the good looks of your article. Try to use different words. If it is essential to repeat any word, next try to locate out its synonym and use it in your article.

  • Use spellchecker tool

Spellchecker tool is extremely helpful to finding the spelling errors.

  • Grammar

Grammars decide the quality of post. If you are making a set of grammar mistakes in your articles after that no one needs to read it. You would also get a lot of unpleasant comments for our mistake. So learn grammar to avoid any typos.

  • Don’t change tense in between sentences

A lot of students create this mistake by change tense in between the post. They write in simple there tense and immediately switch to past tense.  Avoid changing tense and give simple picture by writing in simple language.

  • Remove unnecessary words

Proofread helps to decide what to comprise and what to exclude. If you found any word which adds no value to the post next it is be better to keep out that word from the post.

  • Write to the point and simple

You may first write paragraph require to be simple and descriptive so that anyone might understand your own voice. Don’t use advance words which create reader to use dictionary to understand the meaning of words. Maintain it as easy as possible.

  • Keep reading the best content

If you need to write best then you should read the best.


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