What are the Objectives of Academic Writing?

An easy description of academic writing is hard to come by because it refers to writing done for some reason. Academic writing is used in many different forms. There are characteristics, explanation, examples, and a list of works anywhere academic writing is used. Writing is a skill that is necessary for many contexts throughout. Still, academic writing does many of the things that individual writing does not:  it has set of rules and practices. It is different from other types of writing such as creative writing and journalistic writing due to its separate content and format. It takes the form of a formal paper that follow specific standards such as the use of a formal language, referencing where sources are known credit, and specific grammatical patterns, organization, and argument.


  • Students will expand their reading and writing skills necessary for an academic setting.
  • Advance their capability and confidence in by the English language type and functions.
  • Written language is, in general, objective rather than personal.
  • It, therefore, has fewer words that refer to the writer or the reader
  • Paraphrase sentences and paragraphs.
  • Evaluate and outline key points in prepare and writing academic essays.
  • Identify types of reports and the principles of report construction.
  • Summarization of short and long text.
  • Showing how to distinguish between academic and personal styles of writing.
  • Looking at the grammar of academic discourse
  • Identify techniques for collection and organization of date.

Academic writing style

  • Use formal style
  • Clear and concise – short simple sentences
  • Writing style does not have to be complicated/ elaborate
  • Be well organized and present ideas in logical order
  • Present objective analysis that is critical without being too positive or negative
  • Use clear precise language
  • Avoid emotive language
  • Accurate – information and conclusion based on acknowledged evidence.

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